Small Plates

Kuih Karipap - Curry Puff


Chicken or Mixed Veg

Tahu Sumbat (V)


Fried tofu stuffed with cucumber, carrot and bean sprouts topped with peanut or chilli sauce



Deep fried mashed potato patties with chicken, spring onion and crispy shallots

Sweet Corn Chicken Soup


Chicken and sweet corn in thick egg broth

Chicken Nibbles


6 double coated chicken nibbles with sweet chilli sauce

Chicken Satay


6 skewers chicken satay, cubed rice, cucumber, onion and peanut sauce

Lamb Satay


Salt & Pepper Squid


Off the Roti Pan


Roti Canai (2 PCS)


with Dhal Curry

Roti Canai (2 PCS)


with Chicken Curry

Roti Canai


with Beef Rendang

Roti Planta


Filled with margarine. Served with dhal curry

Roti Bawang


Filled with onion. Served with dhal curry

Roti Telur


Filled with egg and onion. Served with dhal curry

Roti Keju


Filled with cheese and onion. Served with dhal curry

Roti Sardine


Filled with sardines and onion. Served with dhal curry



Filled with chicken mince, egg and onion. Served with dhal curry



Curly Fries


Sauteed Green Beans


Sauteed Bean Sprouts and Chives


Green Salad


Fried Egg


Upon request we may be able to adjust some dishes on the menu to cater for vegetarian, vegan or gluten free requirements. Please advise our friendly staff and we will try our best to accomodate your request.

Second Course


Nasi Lemak


Coconut rice served with sambal, fried anchovy, peanuts, hard boiled egg and cucumber.

Add Chicken Curry


Add Spiced Fried Chicken


Add Prawn Sambal


Add Petai Prawn Sambal


Add Extra Sambal


Nasi Goreng


Malay style fried rice with egg, prawns and chicken.

Lamb Briyani


Fragrant, spiced rice with slow cooked lamb shank

Nasi Ayam Chicken Rice


Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang


Chicken Briyani Rice


Second Course


Mee Goreng


Malay style fried egg noodle, with egg, prawn, fish cake and chicken

Kuey Teow Goreng


Malay style fried flat rice noodle with egg, prawn, fish cake and chicken

Mee Hoon Goreng


Fried vermicelli noodle with egg, prawn, fish cake and chicken

Maggi Goreng


Fried Maggi noodle with egg, prawn, fish cake and chicken

Seafood Curry Laksa


Egg and vermicelli noodles in coconut curry soup with prawn, squid, fish balls, fish cakes, tofu and boiled egg

Chicken Curry Laksa


Laksa Penang


Rice noodle in sweet and sour fish soup with pineapple, cucumber, onion and mint

Mee Rebus


Egg noodles in sweet potato beef gravy with fried tofu and hardboiled egg

Soto Ayam


Cubed rice with shredded chicken in chicken soup, bean sprouts and a side of bergedil

Wat Tan Hor


Stir fried flat rice noodles in dark soy sauce with fish cake, prawns, chicken and bok choy in egg gravy

Vermicelli Noodle Soup


Egg Noodle Soup




Dadar Gulung


Rolled pandan pancake filled with grated coconut and palm sugar

Banana Fritter


Battered deep fried banana. Served with ice cream, and chocolate sauce or maple syrup.

Roti Bom


Filled with margarine and sugar. Served with condensed milk

Roti Pisang


Filled with banana slices

Roti Tissue


Sweet, thin and crispy roti cone served with condensed milk

Roti Kaya


Filled with margarine and coconut jam



Teh Tarik


Pulled milk tea, Mamak Style

Teh Tarik Halia


Pulled milk tea with ginger, Mamak style

Teh Ais


Mamak iced milk tea



Malay style hot chocolate

Kopi Tarik


Malaysian hot milk coffee



Malaysian mocha

Kopi Ais


Malay style iced milk coffee

Neslo Ice


Malay style iced mocha

Milo Ais


Malaysian iced chocolate with milo

Kopi O Panas


Hot Malay black coffee

Teh O Panas


Hot Malay black tea

Kopi O Ais


Iced Malay black coffee

Teh O Ais


Iced malay black tea

Teh O Ais Limau


Iced lemon tea

Fruit Juice


Orange, Pineapple, Apple

Soft Drink


Coke, Coke No Sugar, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, L&P

Malaysian Can Drink


100 Plus, A&W Root Beer, Chrysanthemum, Coconut Water, Lemongrass Ginger Beer

Sirap Bandung


Iced milky rose drink



Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, A&W Root Beer, L&P or Fanta mixed with a scoop of ice cream

Pink Panther


Raspberry Lemonade

Mickey Mouse


Raspberry Coke

Virgin Pina Colada


Lemonade and pineapple juice with coconut cream